Sergii Nikolaichuk – Russian-speaking yoga teacher. He has been practicing yoga for over ten years. Faced with difficult life situations, he used yoga as a way to restore his psychological and physical condition. Not attached to any particular stream, Sergii will offer you a complex of asanas aimed to your recovery but also maintenance of your physical and psychological health. To Believe in the yoga can both help and harm, so in his classes he focuses on the way to correctly perform asanas. He is also fond of studying Buddhist philosophy and practicing meditation. Yoga class is in Russian, it will suit any level of practitioners, especially good for beginners.

Жить, быть! Приглашаю всех на мои занятия по йоге в уютной и тихой студии Dharana Berlin по субботам. Занятия направлены на оздоровление вашего физического и психологического состояния и подойдут любому уровню подготовки. Язык – русский. Количество мест ограничено. Регистрация в личном сообщении обязательна.